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Give yourself a unique identity for your company's communication

You have your own branding, your identity, your signature, express it in music on all your contact points.

It's finally available to all companies

Our agency has produced a method that combines human and digital to offer choice, price and quality.

The sound identity is a marketing concept, musical and sound, which allows to define the image of a brand by the sound in some notes.

It consists of a sound logo, also known as a jingle, and a 2-3 minute music version.

You will be able to illustrate all your contents in a coherent way: phone calls, TV spots, radio spots, videos etc.

It is the signature of your brand, the universe that must make all your brand content coherent.


Be unique.


Marketing brief

Our team of marketing experts will conduct an initial meeting with your company.

We sift through everything: values, vision, competitors, market, point of differentiation, sector etc.

We define the fundamental elements to be expressed by the sound design for your brand

=> We guide you through this marketing process.



Artistic brief

Now it's time for our artistic direction.

At this stage, the marketing brief is translated into musical elements 🎶

You will receive a complete presentation that explains the design, the artistic and musical procedure: instruments, tempo, styles, voices etc.

A moodboard will allow you to validate / adjust the musical direction chosen for your company.

=> Everything is explained to you in a working group.



We can now activate our 800 composers via our internal music platform. We have something for every style 😉

The composers receive the artistic brief of your sound design that we have validated beforehand.

During the duration of the project (fixed with you) we listen to each of the sound proposals and give feedback to each composer so that their music best meets the brief and your values.

At the end of the project, we collect all the music and give you a presentation of all the sounds. We realize a listening committee with you to choose your sound identity. If needed, we adjust your selection with the composer until the creation is perfect 👌

=> You have your own sound identity and different sound versions

Platform composers we compoze
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You now have your sound kit in hand 💪

We are a member of the SACEM and will therefore register and protect your musical work. (and at the same time make composers live with the royalties)

We assign you the exploitation rights for 30 years and for all the media of your brands: TV 📺, radio 📻, web ﹫ etc. No more paying rights every year.

And if later you need another creation, a version summer, christmas, ceremony or other for your company, well we decline it in a few days 😉

=> You have your own music, your own signature sound, use it without moderation 🍹

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What is a sound identity?


Why have a sound identity?


It is a set of sounds that will evoke your brand, your company, in the consumer's mind by creating a unique experience. Its role is to create differentiation and emotional attachment, it is at the service of the brand. The sound personality is translated by a panel of sounds and music, called "sound range" or "sound charter". It is therefore defined from theDNA of your brand in order to embody its image, personality and values. In summary, it allows you to :


  1. Promote proximity with the consumer by creating a link
  2. Build consumer loyalty to your brand by developing brand attachment and preference
  3. To allow a differentiation and a demarcation compared to the other competing companies
  4. Promote memorization and identification
  5. Strengthening the brand image
  6. Illustrate your brand content

A brand's identity is a lasting pillar that doesn't change with each campaign, it's your signature. It is the backbone that gives meaning and coherence. Your sound identity is therefore an integral part of your brand and communication strategy. You probably know a lot of corporate sound logos (SNCF, Carrefour, etc...) in many different sectors and therefore, you are the proof of their efficiency.

"Sound identity is thought of in the present, for the future. It must be a long-term investment.



How to use sound identity?

It will be used for TV, radio (as background music for your commercials), mobile applications and all brand content.

"When everything is a brand, it is more than important to have your own sound personality. Most major brands already have their own DNA. Having your own sound identity gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition.

You have the possibility of declining your DNA in several versions according to the communication of your brands, the use, the public and the desired sound.

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How to build it?

In the same way as visual identity, it is built on theDNA of your brand and is part of the brand strategy. Building your sound personality is a process that requires involvement and respect for a number of parameters concerning your brand:

  • His personality
  • Its brand territory
  • Its values
  • The market
  • The target
  • The competitors

The components of sound identity

It is a set of elements that will allow customers to identify your brand in all circumstances. It can be made up of the following elements:

  • A sound logo with original sounds that represent your brand.
  • Music that is a variation of the sound logo.
  • A vocal or instrumental section dedicated to telephone waiting that will fit into the background music category of your brand.
  • A rhythm, a tone, a panel of instruments, a voice specific to the brand.


How much does a sound identity cost?

On the market, the price of a sound identity can vary from a few hundred euros to several hundred thousand euros. That is the problem. We must therefore distinguish between several concepts: advice, composition and rights.

The advice :
Indeed, a sound identity is not only a music, it is your sound DNA. We put in relation the communication and the art, it is above all a marketing work upstream in order to study well your brand. This work can be done for a fixed price or by the day. The duration and therefore the cost of this work depends on the level of maturity of your brand and your marketing teams. If you have no baseline, no brand platform or even a vague idea of your point of differentiation, then the time will be more important.

This is the creative part of the project, which follows from the consulting part. Here again, the budget will depend on several parameters. Among them there will be the presence or not of voices (sung or spoken), the number of expected proposals, the back and forth, the styles of music (orchestral or mono instrument), the number of variations etc.

The rights:
The last part concerns the rights of use of the sound identity. Generally on the market, you must pay rights according to the media (TV, radio, web etc.) on which the sound identity will be used. Then there is the geographical zone of diffusion (on a city, a country, the world). Finally, there is the duration of exploitation. Many players charge for the rights every year and for each new media used. At We Compoze, everything is included, for 30 years.



At WE COMPOZE, we combine the know-how of an agency with the power of a platform of composers. And that changes everything.

We remove all your constraints: time, choice, quality and cost.

If you wish to be accompanied, a brand expert will carry out a study of your brand and guide you through the creative process.

WE COMPOZE is a member of the SACEM. This is the guarantee for your brand to have a registered and protected work which makes the creators live at their fair value.


"I need a jingle, my commercial starts on Monday!"

We know, you don't have time and you have a lot to do. So it's impossible to wait 3 months for a customised music. We are designed to meet short deadlines.



"I use music from bookstores, at least I have a choice."

What if we told you that custom and choice are not incompatible? We offer an average of 15 creations on each project thanks to our 800 composers.


"I'd like something simple, that everyone can sing."

Quality is guaranteed through the mastery of 3 essential skills: marketing, artistic and technical. 


"I've asked for different quotes, they range from €500 and €100,000?!"

Between inaccessible agencies and the sole composer, there is a balance. Transparent, consistent and SME-friendly prices.

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