How to make a podcast?

In this podcast Lou Panchione shows how to make a podcast and enter the world of successful podcast creators.


Podcast script: How to make a podcast?


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Making a podcast: the five essential steps. 

Lou Panchione

Many of us wish to enter the great sphere of podcast creators and for good reason, they have not stopped developing in recent years for several reasons: diverse and varied topics, ease of access and use, free but also: the fact that it is a mobile media.  

Whether you're a brand in need of exposure, a great storyteller or just a regular guy, you probably have a good reason for wanting to make a podcast. And I'm going to tell you how to make a podcast in 5 essential steps once you have your concept in mind.

Create your branding

The first step is the creation of your branding. This includes the visual identity and the tone you will use in your communication. You must therefore establish the logo, the name, the description and the cover of your future podcast.

Choose the format 

This second step finally consists of 3 things: form, duration and frequency. 

First, there are basically 3 types of podcast formats: solo, interview or roundtable. It's up to you to choose which one is the most suitable.

Next, you need to determine the length of your episodes 

Long: 40 minutes to 1 hour

Short: 2 to 10 minutes

Between the two: 15 to 25 minutes

Finally, you must ask yourself the question of the frequency of your publications. That is to say, what will be your rhythm of diffusion (once a week, twice a month...). Know that it is recommended to keep the same frequency throughout. 

Choose your equipment

The choice of equipment is also very important. Indeed, the sound quality is probably the most influential factor as to the listening rate of your podcast. We therefore recommend that you invest in a good microphone, a tripod and an anti-pop.

Choose the editing software

Once you have your concept, your branding, your different formats and you have recorded the voices, you then have to edit the whole thing. 

We advise you to plan an introduction (like a jingle) at the beginning of your podcasts and why not an outro (the same thing, but at the end). The podcast must be fluid and pleasant to listen to.

Adding some sound design and why not some music can be a good idea.

To make your editing free, you can use for example garageband on mac or audicity. Paid software like Logic Pro, Cubase and Ableton are also very good for editing your podcasts. 

Hosting your podcast

Here we are at the fifth and final stage! 

You must host your podcast on the web in order to get the "RSS feed". This is what will allow listeners to listen to your content. 

Know that there are different hosting sites such as "Ausha", which allow the user to centralize the management of its podcasts, broadcast them, analyze the statistics and others. 

You will have understood, making a podcast is within the reach of everyone. You just have to follow these 5 essential steps meticulously.

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