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A sound identity that expresses a wide range of situations and emotions.

Saf-instant sound identity case study

About Saf-Instant

For over 170 years, the Lesaffre Group has been working with customers, partners and researchers to harness the potential of micro-organisms, contributing to nutrition, health and respect for the environment.

Saf-instantits flagship brand launched in 1973, is the first instant dry yeast on the market. Easy to use, it requires no rehydration, offering performance and ease of use.

In 2023, the Saf-Instant brand is determined to strengthen its presence and increase its visibility on the African market. To achieve this goal, the company has carried out a major overhaul of its communications strategy. More than just an aesthetic change, Saf-Instant aims to distinguish itself from its competitors and leave a lasting impression on the minds of its customers.

The sound identity project

After studying the brand in detail, one key conclusion emerged: Saf-instant targets two specific groups in its communications strategy.

- a B2B targetThe company's target market is professional bakers. Here, the communication objective is to make life easier for bakers, to help them meet the daily challenges of their trade, and even the wildest projects.

- a B2C targetwhere the company addresses consumers. Here, the communication objective is to make life easier for bakery enthusiasts, to help them realize their full potential.

With the company's communication strategy well defined, it was necessary to create a sound identity in line with the brand's image. As a first step, We Compoze was involved in the creation of a sound identity base: a sound logo + B2C illustrative music + B2B illustrative music.

Subsequently, the main theme was adapted for Africa, the Middle East and as a product version.

Sound identity

Product video

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