Case study - Sound identity

Team for the Planet

A thrilling sound identity.

Team for the Planet is a company created with the aim of fight against climate change on a large scale. on a large scale. They identify high-impact innovations and recruit seasoned entrepreneurs to create companies with a solid business model. They then inject money to maximize and accelerate their deployment.

All businesses are open source, which allows other people and organizations to copy them for free and thus multiply the businesses around the world. TFTP is a non-profit enterprise and every euro earned is reinvested to create new businesses. TFTP is a global movement based on action and any person or organization can join the adventure from 1€.

Team for the Planet puts a lot of energy to fight against climate change on a large scale. In order to give even more impact to their communication, we have chosen to offer them a sound identity We Compoze (by paying the composers anyway).

After several months of work by our teams and our composers, we called for a vote from the community, via a Linkedin post : link.
We received more than 50 proposals of music, find below:
- The complete sound identity : sound logo + illustration music + ringtone
- The top 10 of the musics which could have represented Time for the Planet.

Quentin Fouquet's proposal number 8 won the most votes, its composition was then refined with the TFTP teams to match them perfectly!

Sound identity

The 10 proposals

The TFTP project

Nov 2022

The start

We have all been following the Time For The Planet project closely for a few years. To bring our contribution, we decide to offer them a sound identity.

➡ We contact Arthur Auboeuf, he gives us his "go".

Jan 2023

Marketing brief

The 1st approach is to analyze in depth the Time For The Planet brand. We identified the values, the positioning and the key points to express: open source, innovation, urgency, community.

➡ We provided a marketing brief to Arthur.

Jan 2023

Artistic brief

Then, our job is to translate the marketing points into sound elements. We put the marketing into music: instruments, atmosphere, tempo, structure of the music.

➡ Arthur Auboeuf was provided with a full artistic presentation.

Feb 2023

Call for proposals

On our platform, we publish the call for projects based on the artistic brief. Then we make a video with the composers to brief them. We leave 1 month for the composition. We listen to all the sounds and we make a precise return to each one to adjust.

➡ We received 59 proposals and selected a top 10.

Mar 2023


For this exceptional project, we decided to involve the community in the voting. The final choice will be made by the TFTP teams.
To go further, we recorded the voice of Canal + (Patrick Kuban) and we made video montages.

➡ The winner is designated, we refine the music if necessary.

Apr 2023


We deliver the complete sound design: logo, music, short version, ringtone etc. The 3 best composers are paid. The others can join our library.

➡ Time for The Planet becomes memorable.

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