Customer case - Autobacs sound identity

A sound identity in the image of Autobacs.

AUTOBACS audio identity case study

Autobacs Autobacs is a Japanese brand offering a one-stop shop the full range of automotive products and services installation, repair and maintenance services. Autobacs stores offer a wide choice of automotive products and accessories and all associated maintenance and installation services (tire and wheel mounting, oil changes, alignment, brake disc and pad replacement, shock absorbers, timing and clutch kits).

Present mainly in Asia, with almost 650 stores (Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, China, Malaysia, etc.), Autobacs has a dozen centers in France, all located in the Paris region and open 7 days a week.

The company wanted a new new sound identity in order to be identifiable and to dress up its various advertising contents.

Sound identity

Sylvain Thizy

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