Telephone waiting

What is a telephone hold?


The concept of telephone waiting

Whether you are an executive, a salesman or a craftsman, your sound identity is particularly important, sound identity is particularly important: it is an integral part of your brand image and allows everyone to identify you quickly. Thus, it reinforces the professionalism perceived by your future clients.

Music on hold and voice are an important part of this sound identity. Not only does it allow the listener to wait pleasantly, but above all, it places him or her in a new world: that of your brand.

It is a fundamental point of contact with your prospects and customers. It is sometimes even the main channel between you and your customers. So don't neglect it.



Creating a connection between your customers and your company

Indeed, music on hold goes somewhat beyond mere branding: firstly, because it corresponds to hearing, which is used too little in communication. Secondly, because it establishes a connection between the company and the caller.

This connection is particularly important: it ensures that you do not lose contact with a future customer, even when he or she has to wait. This is probably why 72% of French people think that waiting with music is more pleasant than without.

72% of French people prefer to wait with music


A humanising effect for the company

Because when you are talking to someone and they respond with a long silence, you are unsettled. On the phone, it's almost the same: 7 out of 10 callers will hang up in less than a minute if they are confronted with silence. This is very human behaviour! Playing on-hold music humanises your company.

Psychologically, the music on hold is almost perceived as the beginning of a conversation. Thus, one does not dare to cut short and hang up, for fear of missing the moment when someone will answer. Finally, as in a normal discussion, you can go about your business, unlike in writing or video.

telephone hold
telephone hold


A public largely in favour of music on hold

For all these reasons, 64% of French people believe that the quality of a telephone call influences their perception of the company. And this goodwill is not limited to the call itself!

Indeed, when the caller is finally put in touch with a contact person, one out of two French people will have a better perception of the services or products offered by your company. This is a final advantage, which is far from negligible.


What is the difference between pre-hook, on hold and answering machine?

The pre-hook is an automatic response to all calls, which welcomes your callers before redirecting them to your switchboard, which will take the call. This lasts for a maximum of 20 seconds.

The waiting time is broadcast in a loop until a caller in the company picks up. This lasts about one minute.

Both can include music.

Finally, your company's answering machine is very similar to your personal answering machine. If you are going to be away for a while, it is a good idea to customise your answering machine to best redirect your callers.

How much does it cost at WE COMPOZE?

At WE COMPOZE, we can make your music to measure or use a music of our catalog. If you opt for the sound identity, your music will be included in the service. Then you can choose the voice from a cast of around 100 voices. You can write the text or we can do it for you. We are a member of the SACEM. So we can assign the rights for use on hold. So you don't have to pay the SCPA, we provide you with a synchronisation contract that justifies it. For a complete telephone hold (pre-hook, hold, answering machine), we offer a package that includes the fee.


"I need a jingle, my commercial starts on Monday!"

We know, you don't have time and you have a lot to do. So it's impossible to wait 3 months for a customised music. We are designed to meet short deadlines.



"I use music from bookstores, at least I have a choice."

What if we told you that customisation and choice are not mutually exclusive? We offer an average of 15 creations on each project thanks to our 800 composers.


"I'd like something simple, that everyone can sing."

Quality is guaranteed thanks to the mastery of the 3 essential skills: marketing, artistic and technical. 


"I've asked for different quotes, they range from €500 and €100,000?!"

Between inaccessible agencies and the sole composer, there is a balance. Transparent, consistent and SME-friendly prices.

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